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Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD)

School Lunch Initiative
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Evaluation of the School Lunch Initiative Full Report
Evaluation of the School Lunch Initiative Executive Summary
Wellness Policy
Snack Policy
Lunch Matters: How to Feed Our Children Better
Evaluation Executive Summary
Evaluation Network Report


View a copy of the Berkeley Unified School District 2008-2009 Elementary or Middle School Menus.

See what Chef Ann is serving the children throughout the school year. Also included are notes about the school district food policy and nutrition services. Click images below to get there.

Elementary School Menu
Middle School Menu



The 20 Top BUSD Nutrition Services Changes Accomplishments for Healthy Students

  1. Made delicious, nutritious, seasonal and sustainable food a priority
  1. Elimination of trans-fats and High Fructose Corn syrup as well as reduced and or eliminated where possible refined sugars and refined flours
  1. Cooking non-processed foods from scratch while, eliminating all highly processed menu items
  1. Salad Bars with a majority of fresh items in every school
  1. Universal Breakfast at every school
  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables served every day
  1. Antibiotic and Hormone free or Organic milk served daily
  1. Elimination of Chocolate milk & desserts
  1. All hamburgers and hotdogs are hormone and antibiotic free as well as grass finished
  1. Segued to whole wheat or whole grain bread and baked products
  1. Segued from pre-packed lunches to buffet style service
  1. All recipes in a data-base that tracks nutrition and will track costs
  1. Purchasing with a high priority on local, regional and organic foods, as well as foods purchased from small local companies.
  1.  Swipe Card System installed at every school except B-Tech
  1. Financial systems in place to ensure “real-time” accounting
  1. Computerized purchasing system in place to ensure best practices in procurement, and the adoption of a Board Policy that allows for local procurement
  1. New job descriptions to allow for skilled staff, and Executive Chef and Sous Chef positions added to ensure staff training
  1. Reorganization of departments which made CNN part of Nutrition Services
  1. Purchased refrigeration and heating equipment for all cafeterias to ensure safe food handling of non-processed foods
  1. Worked toward implementation of the dining commons for student meals and as a Central Kitchen for the Middle & High Schools, as well as remodeling of the Central Kitchen


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