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Bitter Harvest cover


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Bitter Harvest

by Ann Cooper
Routledge, June 2000


"The history of food is not as straightforward as it may seem. Food isn't just food. It is ritual, tradition and memory." So begins Ann Cooper's groundbreaking new book on the relationship between food, politics and health.

Passionate, political, informed and engaging, Bitter Harvest is filled with fascinating facts and anecdotes. Cooper offers a comprehensive analysis of the issue of sustainability, arguing persuasively why we must begin to change everything from the way food is shipped to the basic components of our diets. Touching on virtually every aspect of the food culture, Bitter Harvest is a vibrant example of the emergence of the chef as a political voice to be reckoned with. A food manifesto for the new millennium, it is a must-read for anyone concerned with health, nutrition and the future of our planet. You will never look at your dinner plate in quite the same way again.


Table of Contents

Chapter One:

A Brief History of Food and Agriculture in America


Chapter Two:


Chapter Three:
Agribusiness: Controlling Our Food


Chapter Four:
The Government: The Hand That Shapes and Molds Our Food


Chapter Five:
We Are What We Eat


Chapter Six:
The Future


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